A New Home For The Holidays

by hjiadmin

A New Home For The Holidays!

Thinking of buying a new home for the holidays but waiting until Spring? Here are some reasons to re-think. Buying that new home in the Wintertime has it’s advantages!

Less competition and fewer dedicated house-hunters. Buying a home during the holidays may seem stressful but think of the advantages! Sellers during this time of year are generally, highly motivated which offers you a few extra bargaining chips. Whether that means a lower price, faster escrow, or extra perks, you are essentially in the driver seat. Couple this with the fact that most buyers are waiting until after the winter months to begin their search and you have a delicious recipe for home buying success!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! People are just happier and feeling a little more generous. We don’t recommend taking advantage of kindness but considering the negotiation process, we do think there is more opportunity for both parties to share the love.

A Mortgage is a Mortgage No Matter What. Renting currently? You are still paying a mortgage. You’re just paying someone else’s. Why not take advantage NOW and start paying towards your own future. Have you considered the advantages of home-ownership? What better gift to give yourself and your family than a place to truly call home?

Rates WILL Go Up. The last stretch of 2016 has been a wild ride and with the rise in the Stock Market we are sure to see rising interest rates. The rate you lock in will directly affect your monthly payment and could mean a savings of thousands of dollars per year by getting in prior to a projected increase.

Is now the time for you to make a move? Want to learn more?

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Published on 2016-12-13 20:03:03