Did You Know There Are 5 Main Beaches In Solana Beach?

by Barbara Maguire

With dozens of different beaches throughout the San Diego area to visit, Solana Beach offers some of the most beautiful idyllic scenery, surfing, paddle boarding and beach fun!

First we have Table Tops which as an awesome surf spot located on the outer reef.  If your looking for a beach that offers tide pooling try Tide Beach also one of my favorite to take the family!  Fletcher Cove , is located where Lomas Santa Fe Road meets the Pacific and Solana Beach’s main central beach park.

Sea Scape Beach known for lovely walks on the beach, while surfing and body boarding are very popular as well. Last and certainly not least is the amazing Del Mar Shores , located on the north side of the San Dieguito river mouth. If going to visit this gem, a must see is the long stairway that leads right onto the beautiful sands. Please keep in mind when visiting Del Mar Shores, this beach is narrow at high tide so please plan accordingly!



Published on 2019-01-14 22:39:21