North Coastal San Diego | Scream Zone 2016



North County’s Scream Zone 2016

 Its that time of year again North Coastal San Diego. The time when the horses have left the Del Mar Track so spooky goblins, monsters and spooks can take over! Scream zone is coming to North County.  This year the Scream Zone runs 24 selected days beginning September 30th and continues through October 31st……. are you ready for it?!


Each year the Scream Zone seems to get bigger and more scary. The 2016 Scream Zone promises to be the greatest spook fest yet to hit the Del Mar Fairgrounds with a collection of body parts and roughly stitched together into four terrifying haunts including numerous other monstrous attractions promising to make your worst nightmares come true. The Scream Zone will be more bloodcurdling than ever!






Different ticket package options are available – Tickets





This years HOUSE OF HORROR is said to be featuring 12 New terrifying dens, including 13 Ghosts, Zombie House, Monster Attack, Texas Graveyard and the Underworld. Movie monsters lurk around every corner waiting to ambush visitors attempt to run so it is said to not even bother. It is said that last year alone 523 poor soul became “victims” of the House of Horror…..Not sure I know exactly what that means but I’m sure there are plenty of brave souls willing to find out!






The HAUNTED HAYRIDE will allow curious folk to climb aboard and “thrill” to Zombie Prison Town, Zombie Containment, The Hills Have Eyes and Haitian Voodoo. Walking Dead will be sauntering aside your seat moving you along the cold and dark path of Scream Zones most popular entertainment. 






KARNEVIL which is said to be a traveling “troupe of bloodthirsty curiosities” that are found in this fatal freak show that features Dr. Marvel S. Mayhem and his treacherous troupe- if you have a anxiety/fear of clowns, this may not be for you because…Feature performers also include Scream Zone’s “Killer Clowns” appropriately named KarnEvil, Sprinkles and the Graverobber.




ZOMBIE BOOT CAMP aka “”Zombie Apocalypse” – Actually I find this to be pretty cool. Its a Training Course for ..get this “Zombie Survivalists”! Where basically there will be you “survival group” facing multiple obstacles and challenges as you attempt to survive a Zombie Outbreak and preserve the future of civilization all while being chased by the living dead.


Parents feel the need to attend/chaperon but not into all the “Hocus Pocus” or perhaps just want to let their kids and their buddies have a great thrill while feeling a bit independent?

NOT TO WORRY, apparently this year there will be a entire venue/location just for YOU to have your own fun consisting of interesting “strange” artifacts to look at, good food and adult beverage area as well. 


So what do you think Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Cardiff, Leucadia, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Oceanside and all San Diegans everywhere…will you be in attendance this year? 

I would love to know! I’m know I’m ready for a Spooky good time.









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