Summer Camps aren’t just for Kids!!!

by Barbara Maguire

Summer Camps aren’t just for kids anymore!! There is a new trend emerging – summer camps for adults.

Designed for those who enjoyed their experience at summer camp, or for those who never got to experience it, adult summer camps are becoming increasingly popular as grown-ups try to relive the summer fun of their youth. For younger adults that have grown up in a more digital environment, it’s a chance to enjoy activities and experiences that they may never have had access to. The camps range from pampered getaways to survival training outings, and they are appearing up all over the country, featuring everything from wine-making to spiritual quests to ballroom dancing.
Here are some of the types of camps available:

Camps to recharge your soul.big-bear-109027_960_720
Wake up in a cozy cabin, surrounded by mountains, and participate in activities designed to recharge your spirit. At these type of camps what matters most who you are, not what you do. Big Bear has some terrific deals going on this Summer!

Camps to unplug and connect with others.
Visitors unplug, and focus on human connections. Trade in your computer, cell phone, email, schedules, work-jargon for four days of pure, unadulterated off-the-grid camp fun. Enjoy a community where status updates, job titles, etc. are worth little, and individuality, self-expression, community, friendship and memories are what matter. Take a visit to Swami’s Realization Center the gardens are amazing!

San Elijo State Beach Park  Swami's_Surf_Spot_in_Encinitas,_California (1)

Camping for the family or adults. Bring your surf boards and get away at this beautiful campground in Cardiff-By-The-Sea, with private beach access.  After a long day of fun in the sun and sea you can walk to nearby restaurants that all locals enjoy!  Try our Cardiff Crack at Seaside market or enjoy a breakfast burrito at Pipes Cafe!

ponderosa-pine-in-yosemiteLuxury Camping.
There are camps that cater to groups of people who are looking for a luxurious outdoor experience. These types of camps are great for those who, while they are nostalgic and miss the thought of summer camp, still want a bit of luxury while they camp. Yosemite National Park

Want to enjoy the outdoors, but only with a select group? There are camps that allow you to make you stay more private. These camps allow you to experience the outdoors with friends, family or co-workers as you paddle across lakes, hike trails or enjoy a night around a bonfire. La Jolla Indian Campground

Camps are a great way to break up your regular routine and get you out in the beauty of nature. A quick online search can open you to the possibilities that exist. So with that in mind, what are you waiting for?

Summer doesn’t last forever ….. we have so much to choose from not only in North Coastal San Diego but in the entire State of California, while your kids are away at camp, take a break and recharge.
North Coastal San Diego as well as locations throughout the state have some incredible places to CAMP in anyway you choose. Take advantage of this beautiful State of ours. Happy Camping!

Published on 2016-06-23 15:42:58