Valentines Day Just around the Corner

by Barbara Maguire

Valentines Day is Just around the Corner and Flower Frenzy in Encinitas have never let me down.  I know if I order from Flower Frenzy, Jaye or Julie  (Mother and Daughter)  will create a beautiful and unique arrangement as a closing gift from  My clients are so happy to have such an beautiful arrangement to great them in their new home.  Give them a call for your next special flower delivery.  760-753-1770

Valentines Day Just around the Corner Flower Shops

Flower Frenzy / Encinitas

You can also try Del Mar Floral in Carmel Valley Del Mar.  Del Mar Floral has also helped me with closing gifts in the Carmel Valley/Del Mar area.  They also make very unique arrangements,  and everyone there is so polite and helpful.  At Del Mar Floral there are plenty of gifts to go along with arrangements if you are looking for a little something extra.  858-755-0303

Del Mar Floral / Carmel Valley



Published on 2016-02-11 16:52:10